What’s a Wedding All About Anyway?

I want a wedding! I want a big, elaborate wedding!
I want everyone I know to attend, dance all night, and have a ball!
I want the venue to be spectacular! The view should overlook the ocean!

OK. That’s the dream. But, I am a realist. I could never see myself or my fiancé spending racks and stacks of dollars on a 5-hour event. Five hours! Not even an entire day. I’ve been engaged for nine months now, and I am baffled by the costs of everything wedding related. The prices are astounding.

Professing your love to another should not amount to exorbitant debt.
I like to put everything into perspective, so saying I want to spend the rest of my life with someone does not mean that we need to spend $30K.

Mainly the bride and the groom want to look pretty, have good food, have good drinks, and be surrounded by friends and family.

I know a few couples who quickly decided that having a wedding was out of the reach, so they opted for the courthouse wedding. Although I do like the courthouse wedding option, I would like for more of my friends and family to be able to witness the once in a lifetime event. So then this would leave the option of a chapel. Well, Los Angeles has a deficit of nice chapels from what my research has shown me. It seems like if I lived in Las Vegas, this would be an easy choice.

Okay, so after the courthouse or chapel wedding, we need food and drinks and a venue. I personally like a nice backyard: a few decorations, food, drinks, family, and a few chairs. This sounds good to me.

I recently called one venue in the Los Angeles area and they wanted $4,000 just for their location. The fee did not include food entertainment, etcetera. Just the ability to utilize their four walls. Needless to say, thanks but no thanks.

So, what’s a wedding all about? It’s about the love two people share for each other. A wedding is not about how big or small the ceremony and reception is. It does not matter what friends and families have to say about the event. A wedding is about vows and promises made for life.
Whether it be big or small, whether it be near or far, my family and friends will partake in a special and memorable day with me and my fiancé.

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