What is Love

The following was written on a flight home from New Orleans with my fiancé. Marvin Gaye was playing in my headphones, and I guess I was feeling mushy.

What is Love with a significant other as an adult?

  • Love is the silence that’s embraced between the love birds who need not speak many or any words to express the feelings they possess.
  • Love is taking care of each other’s needs without any second thought. What is there to think about? As with our children, if we see they are in need of help, do we wait for them to ask? No. We spring into action.
  • Love is wanting the best for this person and knowing and believing that they deserve it. Why would I want him to have less? What would that say of me?
  • Love is seeing yourself in the future with this person AND being Comfortable with those images.
  • Love is knowing the dreams, wishes, and desires of this person. (Not necessarily agreeing with them because you are two separate beings). You share thoughts often and without trepidation.
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Previous 3 are a given. It wouldn’t be Love if they weren’t included.

Chioma A. 🌹

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