Touring UC Irvine

College tours are important for high school students who are planning to attend a 4-yr college. I took four young ladies on a tour of UC Irvine to see the beautiful campus.

The tour began promptly at noon and the sun was shining bright.For one hour, we we guided around the campus. We switched tour guides shortly after we began walking as ours didn’t have a microphone and we liked what the other guy had to say.

The girls were not impressed by the dorms, but new ones are currently being built.

Fortunately, the Los Angeles area has a few colleges within driving distance (such as UCLA, CSULA, CSUDH, CSUN, and USC) so that teens can walk around, see the facilities, and most importantly to many teens, see the housing dorms/apartments.

In the spring time, we’ll be visiting the Black College Fair at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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