Quick Tips for Travel to Cuba

  • Learn Spanish!

    Práctica hablando español ahora.

  • Use AirBnB

    You may now find a ‘casa particular’ on the popular website.

  • Figure Out the Money

    Figure out if it benefits you to change your USD to something else (CAD, EUR) before you arrive. Remember there is a 10% penalty on the USD.

  • Eat Good

    Look for Paladares. Unless you intend to splurge, look closely for a Paladar. 10CUC/person or less is an average price.

  • Negotiate

    Taxis: Haggle down the price. Don’t take the first price offered.

  • Think Before You Flush

    Remember not to flush toilet tissue down the toilet.

  • Havana Bus Tour

    10CUC for a bus ride through Havana, Vedado, and Playa was money well spent.

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