No School For Three Weeks!

Kid playing soccer

Today is the first day of a three week Christmas break for my daughters and all of the other students in Los Angeles Unified School District. This is like summer vacation. It feels just as long.

Some parents freak out!

Literally…they do!

We are used to our youngins’ being in the presence of a teacher for the majority of the day. Break time is different.

I love my girls, so we gotta figure out how to effectively utilize and maximize the time we have together.

I remember that we live in LA, Los Angeles, the City of Angels!
We have to treat this break time just like the summer time and go, do, and see!

No one is rich over here, so that means everything must be done with the budget in mind.

So what can we do?

1. Museums– I love visiting museums!

  • California African American Museum (CAAM)-I love this place for many reasons, one being that I’m seeing art related to my culture,  and items that I’m not likey to see elsewhere.
  • The California Science Center– The Shuttle Endeavour! and much more.
  • The Natural History Museum-Dinosaurs and butterflies…and much more
  • LACMA-many different features
  • The Getty Museum-magnificent views

2. Hiking-Kenneth Hahn Park or the popular Runyon Canyon

3. Go to the Movies– Matinee time for sure

4. Board Games– Uno, Monoply, Scrabble, Checkers

5. Outside Play– Some kids are not spending hardly any time playing outdoors, so this is the perfect time (with a jacket of course)

There are many more options in this big city, but these are just a start. There’s always the option to stay home a pop a dvd in and enjoy some precious family time.
My girl’s mornings will begin with a one page essay on a topic of their choice. This is a given, so it will be of no surprise to them.

What will you and yours be doing?

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