What Does It Mean To Be #TeamNatural

Sometimes I read this #teamnatural hair stuff and it just goes too far. Some conversations have become decisive communication/dialogue amongst black women. Do we really need another topic about us that is not bringing us together. I just hate seeing the conversation go left. I love going to natural hair events and looking at all of the different styles. I do have two girls who are not getting perms while living with me.

What constitutes natural? Some women go ballistic on this topic. Why? I figured hair with no chemicals is natural. So, if you color your hair (with bleach, box color, etc) are you not natural? (I love a colored afro.) If your natural hair is cornrowed and a weave is put on it, is it not still natural under the weave? If you get your hair pressed, aren’t you still #teamnatural? You didn’t use chemicals to straighten it, just a pressing comb.

I’ve read the reports linking perms to fibroids in black women. We kniw fibroids is a huge problem amongst black women. The odd thing is that I don’t even see this brought up hardly ever amongst the #teamnatural women. (Of course Black Women for Wellness always educate us black women on chemicals affecting our bodies).

I’ve seen natural styles that are a mess! I’ve seen weaves that are a mess!

We just need more conversations about HEALTHY hair in my humble opinion.
How do we best protect our edges? What products work best for our individual hair?

I don’t care for weaves, but I don’t knock. I’ve been wearing a perm for 10 years now. It’s comfortable and appeasing to ME. I have a dry scalp, so the one time I did get a full weave, I took it out the next day because I couldn’t scratch my scalp! I didn’t like all of extra hair on my head. I couldn’t take it. That was MY experience. I went natural for two weeks last year and I honestly got tired of brushing my hair so much! That was MY experience.

Whatever we choose to do with our hair, let’s keep it healthy and think of our health at all times. Let’s not criticize the decisions of others. Let’s embrace and educate.

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