I’m Lost! Help Me Find My Way

Have you ever heard someone say this?

Are Women the Only Ones Who ‘Lose Themselves’?

I never hear men saying, ‘I just got with this woman and now I can’t find myself.’

We as women have to do a better job of finding ourselves before entering relationships. Many of us have either felt lost or have a girlfriend who has conveyed this sentiment.

Some of us are lost! This is a sad reality. It doesn’t even matter the socioeconomic status either.

Is it because women are nurturers? Is it that we care too much? Do we worry too much? We can never generalize, but for many of us, these is true!

What can women do to avoid feeling lost in a relationship?

  1. Figure out who you are and what your life goals are before entering a relationship and/or saying I do.
  2. Don’t forget who you are and what your goals are.
  3. Get with a partner who is supportive
  4. Keep a part of you for you (more on this later).

What else can/should women do?



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