I Want to Be Productive Now

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How many times have you told yourself, “I want to get more things done”? Probably a million times.

You essentially want to be more productive. This is the key to being successful. (I know success has a subjective definition.)

I am a pretty productive person…I think, but there is always room for improvement.

My great aunt used to tell me about how valuable my time was when I was growing up.

I would spend all day Saturday at the beauty salon. My friend’s mother did my hair when I was a teen, so it was an enjoyable time, but still long, nonetheless. My “Tutu” would always tell me that I would begin to value my time as I got older.

As I ‘matured’, I definitely learned how precious TIME is.

These days, you can’t catch me sitting in a beauty salon longer than three hours (and that’s a stretch). I would find another beautician if I had to spend too long there.

If the majority of my day is spent doing something that could’ve been done in a short amount of time, I haven’t been productive.

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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the problems these days.

I told my little cousin that Twitter was too time consuming sometimes. He quickly said, “You only post 140 characters and you get off”. I said, “If you read your timeline, it keeps going, and going, and going”.

He looked at me like I was crazy and asked me why would I want to spend so much time doing that! I thought that was part of the purpose of being on Twitter.

I learn something new everyday!

Post and leave…sometimes. Is this the social media productivity? It’s a start.

Setting time limits helps tremendously.

Someone told me their limit is 15 minutes/day!

That’s impossible for a lot of people I know!

The key here is to make wise use of your TIME.

It’s your life and your time.

I am productive, but I want to be more productive in the future.


I wanna know how much time do other people really spend on social media.



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