Finals Week


This week is finals week for my high schooler. Not me, although I feel like I’m in school.

My daughter is a little to cool for me this week. I am frazzled! I want to know if ‘we’ are ready for this test, that test.

My child thinks I’m crazy.

I’m not!

I want success. Doesn’t she? I try my best to make sure she is succeeding in all of her classes. Isn’t that what I should be doing as a parent? I say yes. My daughter says, “oh mom, calm down”.  Some parents push extremely hard because they see traits and characteristics that kids don’t yet see or understand.

I know of a young lady who was just accepted into Pepperdine University yesterday with a full scholarship! I am beyond excited for her. She is a hard worker and a terrific student. She has a 4.2 grade point average, volunteers, mentors, tutors, and plays sports!


She is not every child. We, as parents, cannot compare our kids to others who are exceptional.

The goal has to be to try to get each child to see the greatness that is in him/her.

So while I ‘assist’ my daughter with her studies this week, I challenge her to see the greatness that is inside her.

How do other parents encourage their children?

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