Cuba: I Enjoyed You

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I truly enjoyed my time in Cuba. I only saw Havana, but nonetheless, I enjoyed myself. The people are exceptionally friendly and willing to speak with you. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I knew I was in a new land. The air was different from my that of my familiar Los Angeles.

Some of the buildings in Old Havana may be dilapidated and wreaking of mold, but the hearts of Cubans are pure.

In order to fully enjoy the dynamics of the people, you need to be able to speak español. My spanish isn’t the best by far, but I am glad for my years of high school spanish classes. Most Cubanos no hablan inglés, therefore you will not be able to communicate with the islanders if you don’t speak their language.

Each morning, the host of our Casa Particular made a delicious breakfast for 5CUC. It was fresh and delicious, and we delighted in partaking on our huge terrace. I had read many complaints about Cuban food when I was planning my trip, but every meal I had was really good.

Floridita is a touristy bar in Old Havana. We took a picture of the crowd and kept it moving. If you research Cuba, you will quickly find that Ernest Hemingway is a treasure in the country and this locale was one of his favorite spots for a drink.

As more Americans travel to Cuba, I hope they enjoy themselves as I did. Just do your research, pack light, and enjoy yourself.

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