Career Day Talk with Teens

I enjoy talking with teens. I’d even venture to say that I love talking with teens. When career day comes around at my now daughter’s former school, I gladly submit my information. This year’s theme was ‘Careers in the Digital Age’. I candidly spoke with the 10th graders about what I do as president of a nonprofit.

I pivoted the discussion to digital careers that are possible options. We talked about social media. I quickly learned that Instagram is #1 among teens. I was surprised that most of class was not familiar with Pinterest.

I went on to mention Elon Musk’s name and Tesla. Most of the class had never heard of either! Do most 10th graders know these names? I know teens have their many interests, but is current events a part of the mix?

I can remember one of my high school teachers incorporating current events into the curriculum. Other than that, I don’t think I discussed what was going on in the world much in any of my classes. So it seems, not many things have changed.

The education of our children is so direly important, in and outside of the classroom.  One of my numerous goals is to add value to the lives of the teens in my community.

Off to strategize…

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