Opportunities…What Are Those?

What is an opportunity? Yes, we know what the dictionary definition is (don’t we?). Well, let’s refresh our memory. The dictionary says, “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something“. An opportunity is so much more than this simplified definition. It can be abstract or something very tangible. It depends. I know I have passed up many … Read More

I Waited Too Late

Merry Christmas! This means we are at the end of the year! We have learned, once again, that time waits for no one. Will you be one of the many people who will say, “I waited too late”? Did you wait too late to start a business, change careers, travel, get fit, meet the person of your dreams? Nope. No. … Read More

No School For Three Weeks!

Today is the first day of a three week Christmas break for my daughters and all of the other students in Los Angeles Unified School District. This is like summer vacation. It feels just as long. Some parents freak out! Literally…they do! We are used to our youngins’ being in the presence of a teacher for the majority of the … Read More

Finals Week

This week is finals week for my high schooler. Not me, although I feel like I’m in school. My daughter is a little to cool for me this week. I am frazzled! I want to know if ‘we’ are ready for this test, that test. My child thinks I’m crazy. I’m not! I want success. Doesn’t she? I try my … Read More

I Love Me

Say ‘I LOVE ME’ to yourself all day every day! Maybe that’s a bit much, but women have to love themselves more than others on a consistent basis. I see women loving everyone around them more than they do themselves. You can’t buy a winter coat for a ‘significant other’ and you don’t have one for yourself. It does not … Read More

What’s Up With the New Year

Can you believe that we are already at the end of 2013! Have you done with needed to prepare for the new year? Business organizations are creating their plans and budgets for the new year now. In our personal lives, what do we do to prepare for the next year? Here is a preparation list to help you get started: … Read More

I’m Lost! Help Me Find My Way

Have you ever heard someone say this? Are Women the Only Ones Who ‘Lose Themselves’? I never hear men saying, ‘I just got with this woman and now I can’t find myself.’ We as women have to do a better job of finding ourselves before entering relationships. Many of us have either felt lost or have a girlfriend who has … Read More

Love and Hip Hop with No Love

Do people watch Love and Hip Hop New York to learn how to handle relationships, or are they watching for pure entertainment? I go with the latter. Some people are taking lessons learned from the show. Four lessons that should be taken: Don’t waste 13 years of your life in a relationship with a serial cheater who does not respect … Read More


Who or what is your weekend love? Is it a person or a hobby? Love feels good. Simply put. Be with the person who makes you feel good. Enjoy the hobby that brings you peace. Use the weekend time to recharge and renew. Even with kids, this can be accomplished. The weekend is my friend, but so is the weekday. … Read More

Kids are Watching

Relationships are such an important part of all of our lives. Between family members, friends and coworkers, we all have to interact with someone on some level. I often wonder how to make each relationship the best it can actually be. How is this possible? Well, I have to be as objective as I can in my interactions. Life is … Read More